Thursday, September 18, 2008

Big J Show Interviews

I get asked by a lot of people how I get my celebrity interviews, and if I am really talking to the people. Well, yes I actually talk to all of the people. I never have, and never will "fake" an interview. I pride myself on keeping the show as real as possible and not falling into the old school radio rut of fake controversy and preplanned bits. I get the interviews from publicists and agents. The people that represent the celebs will get a hold of me and see if I want to have their client on. It is the same way they would book a guest on The Tonight Show or Oprah, they just get better guests than me. People ask why these celebs will come on the show. All of them have something to promote. They are not just calling to chat, they know that we have a lot of listeners and that is why they choose to be on The Big J Show, so they are trying to pimp their new song, show, or movie hoping that all of you will check it out.

I turn down a lot of interviews, because I don't care. But if it is something that interests me or that I think will interest you, I will have them on. I am pretty notorious for getting some weird interviews, and tomorrow is no different. I will be chatting with the brothers from Hanson. I am pretty excited just because it is so weird. Hanson? Really!?!

Oh Yeah!


Marishka Vonderslott said...

Thats very interesting!

will ferrel said...

why do you have actual famous people like me?

Anonymous said...

Thats not true! You are a liar! I heard from a VERY credible source who happens to work for another radio sation that you fake ALL your interviews! Your competitor would have no reason to lie about you!

Anonymous said...

So if they are fake then how is it that the people he interviews use his name and even talk about them ever being to montana? Retarded. The chick, and we know which one, is full of it and I think Big J should call her out on it and make her apologize on air.