Monday, September 8, 2008

My Latest Drama!!!


Oh, the drama...the drama!

I am used to getting calls from annoying kids, it is just part of the business. I was one of those annoying kids when I was younger. But when the DJ would get pissed off, I knew I deserved what I was getting and never went and cried to anybody. I guess we were built differently back 15 years ago!

These ridiculously annoying kids on a school bus started calling me last Friday morning. All of the calls were clearly from the same bus, the ambient noise was very distinct and all the same. At first I was just annoyed that they just kept calling over and over again, but I was polite. Then when they wouldn't stop when I asked them too, I just started hanging up anytime I heard the bus noise on a call. Then the weekend came and I almost forgot all about it...until Monday! Then it all started again and it was worse than before. These punk kids were tying up all of my lines after about 20 minutes. I couldn't even take calls from legit listeners with something to say. I am giving out news about 2 very serious car accidents and these kids are monopolizing all of my phone lines. So I got pissed! I called the kids out on the air, and yes I called them some names.

Here is where these kids are different than me. I would have loved to get a DJ as pissed off as I was this morning. But I would have left it at that. These little rats went and told the principal(which I said on the air was going to happen). And of course we live in the day and age where everything has to be "PC" and nobody can just take the consequences for their actions, so the school has stepped in. I think being called an idiot is a fair consequence for being and idiot! Right? I am just upset on so many levels about this. For one, what a bunch of lame little kids. You start a joke, but then get mad when it is flipped back on you. For two, I am a little upset that my tax dollars are going to pay a schools staff to deal with problems that have no affect on children's learning. Maybe since our taxes are paying them, they can do their job and until they cut me a check they can stop trying to affect the way I do mine!

I dont know what else to say other than, I hope my company gets my back, and I hope the school gets back to doing what they are there to do which I assume is not make complaint calls to radio stations.

Kids will be kids...and ignorant parents and adminastrators will defend them at all costs, without even wanting to hear the facts!

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Anonymous said...

LOL Big J u r right about kids they don't know when 2 stop, but i can't belive that the skool steped in that is dumb.They were thr 1s hurrasing u on a radio station, u r just trying 2 do ur job & u got little brats screwing it up!Now i don't know what u called them but i don't think what they did waz right, oh well.