Saturday, November 1, 2008

Go Vote!

Vote, vote, vote,!


You can go into the courthouse and vote on Monday from 7 a.m. to Noon. And of course you can go to the polls on Tuesday to vote normally.

We all have a say in how this country runs, and this is your way to make sure that your voice is heard. This election is the biggest and most involved election of my lifetime, and I cant wait to vote. I am waiting to vote on Election Day so I can get the full experience and the cool sticker!

I am truly proud to be an American, as cliche as that sounds. This election is an example of just how amazing our country is. The opportunity to see the first black president, the opportunity to have the first female vice-president. It is truly history in the making! Make sure to head to the candidates websites and check out their stance on the issues that are important to you, and then go cast your vote.

What an amazing time to have the right to vote and to be able to change the course of this country.


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