Monday, August 4, 2008

My Big Gay Pita

One of our account executives came up to me this morning and asked if I wanted a pita from Pita Pit. They needed one more person to order so they could get it delivered. Of course I said yes. I fill out the little online ordering form with all my options and thought I was good to go. Later these oh so funny people in our sales department put a note on my order before sending it in that said "make this extra special, it is for Big Gay!". Well the people at Pita Pit came through. HPhotobucket

If you cant read it, it says "Made specially for "Big Gay" (Big J?)"

Of course the whole "Big Gay" line is old, and I get it all of the time. But I have to admit that life is a lot better when you work with cool people that know how to have a good time. I would hate to work at a job where everybody took themselves seriously and had to be politically correct all of the time.



Marishka Vonderslott said...

You obviously work with a group of highly entertaining, charming people! You're so lucky!

Anonymous said...

LOL, Big J that waz so sweet of them, they must luv ur hard work huh! : )