Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kids...Say NO to Drugs!


This is a picture that just became public of Amy Winehouse's mantel. This is no joke! On her mantle she has an MTV award, a little kitty figurine, and a homemade crack pipe. The camera that this picture came from also had a bunch of other pictures of Amy, some of them were her playing a keyboard in front of a wall covered in pictures of her with her husband Blake who is in jail.

Amy was rushed to a hospital earlier this week when she collapsed in her apartment. Her dad who is usually pretty logical is saying that somebody spiked her drink with Ecstasy. But UK's The Mirror is claiming that Amy was drinking rum for four hours before popping "almost a dozen" prescription pills. I am going to have to side with The Mirror on this one. Amy has used her last "benefit of a doubt" card for me!

This is just a prime example of how getting hooked on drugs can ruin a life. I remember when I first heard Amy Winehouse a couple of years ago. I immediately burned myself a CD of all of the Amy stuff I could find, I thought she was great! She was so different and fresh. She was young and hip, but sounded old and classic. Obviously it didnt take long for her to catch on. And then as soon as she started hittin it big, she also started hittin something else big. To this day she is still getting paid literally millions of dollars to do shows all over the world but she cant get her crap together enough to lay off the ol' crack pipe. It is just a sad story, and an example of the power of drugs. They can ruin people from every walk of life.

This is just a sad reminder of how effed up Amy's life has become. A little before and after action!

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