Friday, October 16, 2009

Balloon Boy - Was It A Hoax?

I have been caught up in this balloon boy story for a little under 24 hours now and I have to say it only is getting better. First off if you haven't seen the footage yet check it out:

Everyone was freaking out when the balloon landed and no boy was found inside the balloon. He was found later hiding inside of a box in the family's garage. They later went on Larry King Live to talk with Wolf Blitzer where at about 40 seconds into this video Falcon (Balloon Boy) appears to say "We Did This For The Show" You be the judge:

When asked about it later in the interview the dad does his best to avoid the question altogether:

So now the question is: Was this a hoax? Tell us what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or post a comment below.

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Balloon Boy Meets Fresh Prince on Facebook: (click to make larger)


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