Monday, June 22, 2009

Perez Hilton -vs- Will.I.Am

What you are about to read has foul language and is honestly not acceptable by either party... Joking but it does have some language in it that is NSFW and/or children's ears. Proceed with caution

Perez posted on his Twitter about the attack last night at about 3:00am. Here's a screen cap of his feed:

TMZ posted a video of the altercation:

And then Will.I.Am was alerted to his tweets and responded with this video:

Which sparked Perez to go on a 11+ minute rant on the event. Here's that video:

: Someone took a picture right at the perfect timing:

Big J: I just had this HUGE post typed, and I shortened it down because it was getting long, and boring. So here is my short, odd, slightly poetic opinion.

The jist is…

Perez is a douche,
But a loveable douche,
…like McLovin.

Being gay is fine,
Having pink hair is fine,
But being pink-haired & gay and calling someone a “faggot”
…not fine..

Drama is fun to watch,
Yelling is fun to hear,
But bringing violence into the situation was…

Wil.I.Am and his posse lose.
They lose for starting a fight.
They lose for unnecessarily using violence.
Most of all, they lose for stooping to Perez’ level!

I feel like Rosie.

McLovin: I think Perez, as whiny and douchey as he is, is the victim in this incident. I think he is right in the "words shouldn't cause violence" statement. However if he really thought he could call Will.I.Am a "faggot" and not get rocked... he is very obviously mistaken. I really hope GLAAD has something to say about his use of that word. Perez has had this coming for a VERY long time. However I am in full belief of the first amendment rights of freedom of speech and that's what Perez is famous for. Will.I.Am. shouldn't of responded in the way he did and have his manager pop him... maybe this feud shouldn't be Will.I.Am vs Perez but The Manager vs Perez. Either way you put it unacceptable and I am Team Perez on this one!

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bowler said...

this little smack down with is one more reason to ignore Perez Hilton and let him to fade into obscurity where he belongs