Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lil Wayne Does Kobe Bryant

Lil Wayne just released a jam that I cannot get enough of. The song is a lot of fun and clearly shows Kobe that Lil Wayne has a thing for him. It's clearly the greatest love song ever written. Back in 2006, Weezy said in an interview with MTV, "I am the Kobe Bryant of hip-hop. I'm gonna get my 81 points this year."

Obviously Lil Wayne is in love with Kobe. And I have posted his love story below for your enjoyment.

(My favorite line in the whole song is: "Please tell your defense don't ever man to man with me//double team, triple team your defenders sick of me//but, I never let them get to me//literally, step back and give them a three//ain't no defending me")

So tell me: Is Kobe the greatest and deserving of a rap song by Lil Wayne? What was your favorite line? Are you still bitter that the Cavaliers couldn't play better? Post a comment below or CLICK HERE to tell me on Twitter.

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