Monday, August 18, 2008

Gold Diggers!!!

Phil Collins just got divorced and his third wife made out like a bandit! Phil has to pay this chick $46 million just to not be married to her anymore. That is the biggest payout for a divorce in UK history, barely beating out Paul McCartney's settlement with Heather Mills for $44 million. I am torn on this issue. Here are my to major issues.

1 - Does this lady who just happened to get lucky and get married to a superstar deserve all of this cash? I don't think so! She didn't do the work, she was just along for the ride and I am sure it was a pretty nice ritzy ride the whole marriage. I think you should leave a marriage about the same as when you entered it. She comes into this marriage as some regular lady, she lives of off his money for all of those years, and then leaves with $46 million...are you kidding me!

2 - I am almost think these guys deserve to lose some cash for not being smart enough to get a good prenuptial agreement. Especially Phil Collins who has had to pay out more than $80 million to his three wives. There is a legal document that allows you to fairly end a marriage if it comes to that, but for some reason too many celebs seem to forget that. I think not getting a prenup when you have that kind of money is just plain stupid. And I dont think love is an excuse to be stupid when it comes to buisness and money.

So I guess as much as I hate to see these chicks become rich for doing nothing, I also like to see stupid mistakes brought to our attention so hopefully it doesnt happen as often.

Not that anyone will comment, but what do you think?

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